“One of the best things I have bought in years. Everyone should invest in one of these and protect their valuables.”

– Julie Hooper

Fireproof Document Bag Features

If you don’t want to go to the expense of installing a ‘safe’ in your house maybe you should consider buying a fire proof bag to place valuable documents such as passports, money and other important papers. Better still if the fire proof bag is water proof or at least water resistant as well!

Fireproof Fabrics

We use the best fireproof fabrics in all our bags to ensure you get ultimate protection.

Water Resistant

Most fires start in the roof of a home and melt the plastic water pipes. Our bags are water resistant to provide an extra layer of protection.

1,000 Degrees

Our fireproof document bag can protect your valuables in up to 1,000 degree temperatures

Plenty Of Room

The perfect size for holding up to 2 laptops, 2 hard drives, documents, passports and much, much more…


Carry and protect valuables discretely! Our bag is designed in unlabelled ‘anonymous black’ to reduce unwanted attention while travelling

Lipo Safe

Charge your laptop or mobile device within the bag, close the zipper and Velcro to seal your PC within the bag in order to isolate fire should the battery ignite! Protect your home and its contents with this simple Lipo safety solution.

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Inside & Out

Even if you do install a safe what do you do when you are travelling? Our fireproof bag protects your valuables when on the move by isolating your valued items when flying on business or vacation.

This fireproof and water resistant bag provides you with insurance for the items you need to protect. Being 16″ x 12″ x 4″ the fireproof bag has been designed to accommodate a large amount of items such as laptop PC, files and documents etc.

“What a great idea! And cheap!”

– Gareth

360 Protection

If you are looking for additional safety take a look at this fireproof, water resistant bag. It has both Zipper and Velcro sealing to totally encase the contents for protection both from without and within.

Take It Anywhere

We understand that sometimes you need to take your valuables with you. This is why our fireproof document bag is designed to be portable whilst still offering optimum space for your laptops, documents and valuables.

Every one of our fireproof document bags includes an adjustable shoulder strap as well as a carry strap.

“A must have in any home or office!”

– James D

Was $119.99

Only $49.99

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“For only $39.99, this delivers in quality and insurance on my valuables. Great stuff”


Was $119.99

Only $49.99

Exclusively available on Amazon! Click the button above to buy your’s now!

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