After years of research we discovered that not everyone had the space or budget to invest in expensive fireproof safes. We also realised that the majority of safes on the market only served the purpose of keeping valuables safe and were not fireproof. Many require a bag that is large and allows multiple items of value to be stored.

It was then we realised there had to be another option for protecting valuables against fire. We searched long and hard for a solution to this common problem and then discovered the protective power of fibreglass coated bags.

These fibreglass fireproof document bags were originally designed with lipo batteries in mind as to retain and protect dangerous batteries from exploding and causing fires. The fireproof bags stopped the fire in it’s tracks.

After many prototypes and field tests, we eventually designed a bag that was fit for purpose whilst offering a large storage space for up to 2 laptops and still retaining enough room for documents and other small items.

We launched our first fireproof document bag in Summer 2017 and have received a warm welcome from our community of customers who praise our fireproof bags.

Our customers range from business owners who want to insure that their important documents are kept safe in the case of an office fire as well as homeowners who require a fireproof bag that is easy to store and can be grabbed quickly should a house fire break out unexpectedly.

We trust that you will not be disappointed and are so confident that our fireproof bags offer the maximum protection needed for general fires that we offer a 100% Lifetime Guarantee. If your Miradical Fireproof Document Bag does not protect your valuables in a fire then we will give you a 100% Refund.